Kinesiology Tape 5 cm x 5 m Alpidex German

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Kinesiology Tape 5 cm x 5 m

The Painkiller in the Future

It is a special Tape-Band method for passive support of injured structures.

This therapy activates self-healing processes, without restricting movement. Through pressure and irritation of receptors in the skin endorphins are produced, which reduce sensation of pain. The Kinesiology Tape is an only longitudinal expandable cotton tape. The elasticity of the tape equates 130 – 140% stretching; this is comparable to the proper stretching of the human muscle. It is free of Latex. The good water resistant and breathable characteristics will ensure a high comfort for several days up to two weeks.

Indications Kinesiology-Tape-Method

  • cervical spine syndrome (muscular hypertonia, headache, arthrosis)
  • cervical brachialgia (Epicondylitis, carpal tunnel syndrome)
  • scolioses
  • lumbar spine syndrome
  • shoulder dislocation
  • coxarthrose
  • knee (post-op, patella dislocation)
  • muscle ruptures
  • joint distorsion
  • lymphoedema (upper and lower extremities)
  • apoplexy
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