Rehabilitation Products

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Manufacturer: Timago International Group
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A folding commode chair with quick-release is an auxiliary equipment that helps the user to perform physiological activities.
Price: 15.00 EUR
Forearm crutch STYLE is used to increase the area of support in case of patients with reduced mobility. The crutch is also recommended to patients who need help and support while walking and it can also be used as an aid in keeping balance after the injuries of lower limbs or trunk in order to gait re-education.
Price: 85.00 EUR
Walking aid which improves stability and helps to transport the luggage.
Price: 30.00 EUR
Shower chair is ancillary equipment which helps the user to perform sanitary activities. The chair is recommended to people with reduced mobility which prevents or hinders the unassisted performance of daily living activities. The chair is recommended for use in the shower, in the bath, in bathrooms and other humid rooms at home and in hospitals.
Price: 130.00 EUR
Manufacturer: Vitea Care.
Price: 220.00 EUR
Manufacturer: Vitea Care.
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Price: 17.00 EUR
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 Квалифицированные и компетентные продавцы-консультанты салона VITAMED помогают правильно подбирать ортопедические изделия, руководствуясь при этом рекомендациями врачей. Покупателям наглядно демонстрируют особенности ортопедической продукции и обучают грамотному подходу к ее использованию.

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Целенаправленная долгосрочная политика компании ориентирована на обеспечение каждой социальной группы населения необходимыми ортопедическими товарами и предусматривает собой наличие в салонe  VITAMED  расширенного ассортимента, справедливых цен.

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