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Our MSD-Band is a premium quality, low powder latex resistive exercise band. Using the MSD-Band for resistive exercise provides positive as well as negative force on the muscles and improves the range of motion, the strength and the cooperation of the muscle groups. The different resistance levels are determined by the thickness of the band.
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Manufacturer: Qmed
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Classic-2 the world of great pleasure and relaxation! This full size, professional massage table is designed for simplicity, comfort and strength. The beautiful German European Beech hardwood frame is sturdy, stable, and wont squeak or creak during a massage.
Price: 12.00 EUR
Elastic K-Tape® for the K-Taping® therapy. High-quality cotton tape with a wave-like acrylic coating. Skin-friendly, water-resistant, sweat-permeable and breathable.
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half round bolster
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It is a special Tape-Band method for passive support of injured structures. This therapy activates self-healing processes, without restricting movement. Through pressure and irritation of receptors in the skin endorphins are produced, which reduce sensation of pain. The Kinesiology Tape is an only longitudinal expandable cotton tape. The elasticity of the tape equates 130 – 140% stretching; this is comparable to the proper stretching of the human muscle. It is free of Latex. The good water resistant and breathable characteristics will ensure a high comfort for several days up to two weeks.
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 Квалифицированные и компетентные продавцы-консультанты салона VITAMED помогают правильно подбирать ортопедические изделия, руководствуясь при этом рекомендациями врачей. Покупателям наглядно демонстрируют особенности ортопедической продукции и обучают грамотному подходу к ее использованию.

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Целенаправленная долгосрочная политика компании ориентирована на обеспечение каждой социальной группы населения необходимыми ортопедическими товарами и предусматривает собой наличие в салонe  VITAMED  расширенного ассортимента, справедливых цен.

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